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University studies

Master's Degree in Economic and Business Analysis

October 2018 - July 2020

In this postgraduate program, I honed my analytical skills in the realms of economics and business, leveraging applied mathematics and statistical tools. Furthermore, I delved into advanced company management and strategic practices, expanding my expertise in these crucial areas. Through a comprehensive curriculum, I obtained a profound understanding of the intersection between economic principles, quantitative analysis, and strategic decision-making, equipping me with the ability to navigate complex business landscapes with confidence and precision.

Master's Degree in Prevention of Occupational Hazards

October 2017 - July 2019

I acquired invaluable skills encompassing risk identification, evaluation, and prevention across diverse contexts. The program's practical orientation facilitated my exploration and comprehension of digital technology's applications in safeguarding the well-being and safety of workers. This immersive master's degree not only equipped me with a profound understanding of these concepts but also enabled me to conduct extensive research, further enhancing my proficiency in leveraging digital advancements for optimal prevention and worker preservation.

Degree in Industrial Engineering

September 2011 - July 2016

I acquired advanced analytical skills within the field. The program focused on problem analysis, data-driven decision-making, engineering project solutions, information and communication technologies, systems and process engineering, as well as critical, strategic, and statistical thinking. These core areas of study formed the foundation of my education, enabling me to tackle complex problems, apply innovative engineering approaches, leverage technology, and think critically and strategically.

Specializations and Professional Certificates

IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate

February 2023 - Present

With this Professional Certificate program I will get a firm understanding of AI technology, its applications, and its use cases. I will become familiar with concepts and tools like machine learning, data science, natural language processing, image classification, image processing, IBM Watson AI services, OpenCV, and APIs.

February 2023 - Present

Digital Product Management Specialization

This specialization covers the applications of product design, hypothesis-driven development and agile, all at the heart of modern product management.

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